Tenant Satisfaction Measures telephone survey

A key part of The Regulator of Social Housing's Tenant Satisfaction Measures is to speak to our tenants to find out what you think about your home and the services we provide.

So, over the next year, we'll be surveying tenants to understand how satisfied your are with our services, based on these measures.  

This survey replaces the STAR Customer Satisfaction survey that we have run for a number of years that you might have been asked to take part in, in the past. What you tell us will help us to understand where we’re doing well and areas where we can improve. 

The surveys are done over the phone, with the aim of interviewing 550 tenants each quarter of the year. The first three sets of interviews have now been completed, with the final set of interviews starting again from the middle of February.

We’ve commissioned a market research company, Acuity to carry these out for us on our behalf and important information about the telephone surveys, is included in the drop-downs below.

Half yearly report

Thank you to everybody that has taken part in the interviews so far. We've published a half-yearly report with the results of the first two surveys. 

This was included with the latest edition of our tenant newsletter, Nottingham Council Housing News and sent to all tenants at the end of November.

The report outlines what we're doing to improve our services based on what you've told us.

You can also download the report here: Tenant Satisfaction Measures quarter one and two report