Repairs that we charge for

You may be recharged for the cost of items or works which are not Nottingham City Council’s responsibility.

Most people treat their homes with care and respect because they want to live somewhere pleasant and comfortable.

Unfortunately, some people damage their home, either deliberately or accidentally.

When repairs are needed as a result of this kind of damage, you may have to pay.

If we think that someone has damaged their home, or altered it without permission, or their visitors have caused the damage, we’ll ask them to explain what’s happened.

Anyone who causes damage will have to pay to put it right. We ask for payment from people who have caused damage whether they still live in the property, or whether they’ve moved out.

Typical damage of this kind includes accidental damage to fixtures and fittings caused by attempting DIY, damage caused by anti-social behaviour such as fighting, and damage caused by the police if they’ve had to forcibly enter your home with a warrant.

If there’s work that needs doing to your home when you move out, or furniture and belongings left behind, we will send you a bill to cover the cost of repairs and removal.

To avoid getting a bill:

  • report your repair
  • keep your property tidy and the garden maintained
  • don’t make any alterations without written permission from your local housing office
  • carry out small repairs that are your responsibility to a suitable standard.

When you end your tenancy:

  • take all your stuff from inside your home, your garden, and any communal areas. You can arrange for a collection of bulky items from our waste team
  • make sure your bins are empty – don’t leave a full bin for the next tenant
  • when you hand in your keys, hand in copies of permission letters for any alterations you’ve made. If you don’t, you may be recharged for the alterations.
  • make sure you’ve given your final meter readings to gas, electricity, and water (if applicable) companies.
  • return cable or satellite TV kit to the relevant provider – you may be recharged for the removal of any old aerials that can no longer be used.

The items we recharge for most are:

  • replacing non-standard items like laminate flooring, light fittings, dimmer switches, doors, electric showers or cookers
  • unauthorised alterations
  • unauthorised patios, decking, fish ponds and structures such as sheds
  • holes in walls, ceilings and doors or door frames
  • blu-tack and sticky pads, and the marks they leave behind
  • stickers on doors and walls
  • graffiti, inside and out
  • carpets including underlay and grippers.

If you’re not sure, ask for advice at your transfer / pre-termination visit.

Before you leave, make sure you’ve cleaned the bathroom, toilet and kitchen, the floors are swept and surfaces are washed down.